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Benefit Stud Auction

Post by stavemillbeagles » Tue May 03, 2011 9:28 pm

We are hosting an online stud dog benefit auction for our dear friend Dora (Swamp Mama's Mother) Turner . During the recent flooding in Southeast (Neelyville) Missouri, Dora's house is chest deep in water. Mandy told me this evening that the home in which Dora has lived for the past 48 years is a total loss. Many of you know Dora from the kitchen at all of the Coon Island Beagle Club Hunts, if you have been to our club hunts you may not know Dora's by her name but you will never forget her great food and down home cooking. Dora is a wonderful person who has a heart of gold and with all of her loss she would give what she does have to anyone who she felt needed it.

Our goal is to raise as much money as possible through this auction, so please tell everyone to bid and lets help get a fellow beagling family back on their feet.

The following stud fees have been donated to the auction. A negative brucellosis test is required before breeding to any of the studs listed.

We know that there is several great stud dogs out there that we have not been able to contact for the auction. If you would like to be added to the list please call or pm either myself or Mike (Crabby) Crabtree and we will be happy to add you to the list.

Please keep in mind that this is a fund raiser, you will recieve a certificate that will expire 12 months from the closing date of this auction. All stud owners will be notifed of the winning bidders. Should the stud parish before the 12 months is up, please remeber that the funds donated went to Dora not to the stud owner and as I am sure that the stud owners will try to work this out with another dog however it is by their choice to subsitute another stud.

If you would rather donate money to benefit please feel free to send it to our address and we will give all proceeds to Dora following the close of the auction. Our address is Chris Wells attn: Dora 10372 Bailey Dr. Potosi, MO 63664

The auction will closed at 8:00p CST on May 24, 2011 and all money needs to be received at our address listed above by June 5th, 2011. Should the winner fail to make payment the second place bidder will win the stud fee.

I would like to say thank you to each male owner for donating their dogs services, the response shown is just a simple reminder of what a great group of people there is in the beagling world and it moves us all to know we can count on everyone when someone is in need. Again a heart felt thank you to everyone who donated.

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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by stavemillbeagles » Tue May 03, 2011 9:50 pm

Below is a list of stud dogs available at auction:
--------------------------------------------------------------------Current High Bids----------------------Winning Bidder
FC LP GRCH HOF Abshires Levee Road TCB June - Stavemill Beagles------$135-------------------Mikel Dollins---------pd
LP RCH P's Blue Buzz - Stavemill Beagles-------------------------------------$35----------------------Jackie Tanner--------pd
LP RCH Abshire's Caddy - Stavemill Beagles--------------------------------$40-----------------------Bryan Murphy--------pd
LP RCH Halln' Reggies Checkmate - Stavemill Beagles---------------------$30----------------------Derek Pickens-------pd
LP GRCH East Ridge Black Phantom - Chad Blair----------------------------$92.50------------------Jason Johnson------pd
LP RCH Branko's Double Boggey - Chad Blair-------------------------------$50------------------------Kevin Wethington----pd
LP GRCH HOF Gray's Bumper to Bumper - Chad Gray----------------------$100-----------------------Eric and Ralph Webster---pd
LP GRCH HOF Hollywood's Mac - Adam Hughes----------------------------$50------------------------Brian Deeds-------pd
FTCh Awful Bawlin Let Er Rip - Elliot Peters---------------------------------$50-----------------------JFields-------------pd
IFC Greenwell's Reggie - Terry Gray-----------------------------------------$225----------------------Ben Riggs----------pd
LP GRCH Coleman Roll on Buddy - John Smith------------------------------$85.50-----------------------Sicososbe------pd
LP GRCH Lee's TNT Max - Mike (Crabby) Crabtree------------------------$25-----------------------Shawn Singer-------pd
PP RCH PSM's Dash Jigaboo- Paul Petty--------------------------------------$50----------------------Derek Broshuis------pd
LP RCH Swith A Gear - WFO Kennel----------------------------------------$125---------------------Chad Bowling----------pd
GR HBCH Hurry Up Bozo - Hurry Up Beagles-----------------------------$55-------------------Sanford - Hollarback Kennel---pd
GR HBCH Hurry Up Spank Em - Hurry Up Beagles--------------------------$200-----------------------Sonny Preece---------pd
LP GRCH HOF Hillside's Farmer's Rowdy Boy - Diamond P Kennels-------$65-------------------------Earl Meade III-------pd
LP GRH HOF Obsbornes Spade - Diamond P Kennels---------------------$125-------------------------Mark Freeman------pd
Hillside Farmer's Sparky - Diamond P Kennels-----------------------------$25---------------------------Brian Dunbar-------pd
LP RCH Branko's John Boy - CGS Kennels---------------------------------$100---------------------------Mike Walls----------pd
LP RCH Maple Hills Mikey - Maple Hills Kennel----------------------------$50---------------------------Paul Petty----------pd
2004 LP World Champion Sangamo Rick Rack - Sangamon Ridge Kennel----$50-----------------Eric & Ralph Webster------pd
Sangamon Ridge Red - Sangamon Ridge Kennel
FC Turbo Charged Thunder Blue - Tim Croley -----------------------------$130-------------------------Bret Gentry--------pd
GRRCH Smith's Weedeater Crow - Tim Croley----------------------------$35---------------------------Tim Thompson-----pd
LPRCH Coal Hill's Brush Buster - Cris Axtell /coal hill kennels
HBCH No Luck Red Falcon of Crowtown - Shawn Ohlinger/Marc Murray---$25------------------------HurryUp Beagles----pd
FTCH Rumsey's Randy Andy - Joe Parrino------------------------------------$25-------------------------Slade---------------pd
PCH GRCH Briar Busten Skeeter - Jim Stinnett
CH HBCH Glomski's Little Copper - Jim Stinnett
Mapel Valley Remember Jimbo - Maple Valley (Jimmy Abshire) Kennels-----$25----------------------Chad Jones
LP GRCH LPGBCH HOF (2012) Turners Double Duke - Andy Canterbury------$30----------------------Hareball------------pd
LPRCH J&D's Screamin Crow - J&D's Kennel
GRHBCH GRPCH NRFC Shady Creek Boogity Boogity - Shawn @ Loose Change Kennels
FC Blazing Trails Blue Baron - Shawn @ Loose Change Kennels---------------$30-----------------------Scottmi--------------pd
FC Brankos Smart Sammy - Steve Mullen and Darrel Terry--------------------$135----------------------Earl Meade III---------pd
LPGRCH Logan Elm Neal - Jim McGuire-----------------------------------------$100-----------------------Dale Pea---------------pd
FC Moutain Ash Dino - Chris Powers---------------------------------------------$125----------------------Jason Steelman--------pd
Green Creek Tuxedo - South Woods Kennel - stud fees (stud fee #1)-------$25------------------------Il_Beagle_Boy
Green Creek Tuxedo - South Woods Kennel - (stud fee #2)
FWR South Woods Rambo - South Woods Kennel-------------------------------$25-----------------------Il_Beagle-Boy
South Woods Buster - South Woods Kennel
LPGRCH Denniston's Big River Gator - Chris Denniston-----------------------$25------------------------Robby Jefferies--------pd
HBCH Ingram's Stylish Dakota - Tom Ingram----------------------------------$25-------------------------Jimmy Abshire---------pd
GRPCH GRHBCH GRCH Cedar Groves Loko Go Cowboy - Steve & Seth Shipman---$25----------------Jimmy Leach
LPRCH LPBCH CH HBCH Hunter's Go Get Em Jake - Greg Hunter-----------------$25-------------------Brian Deeds----------pd
LPRCH D-D Jet - Dubar Family Kennel
CH HBCH Buckeye Bear of the Brush - Chippewa Valley Kennel
HBCH Chippewa Bear Club - Chippewa Valley Kennel
LPRCH Collar Me Blue Snoopy - James Fields------------------------------------$10-------------------------Jason Moore--------pd
HOF GRCH Dirt Road Zipper - Farrell Smith - 2 stud fees (stud fee #1)------$100-----------------------CGS - Shawn---------pd
HOF GRCH Dirt Road Zipper - Farrell Smith - (stud fee #2)-------------------$75-------------------------Kermit Burton--------pd
LPRCH HBCH PCH Inabnitt's Briar Bashin Buster - Jason Inabnitt-------------$25------------------------Jim Stinnett----pd
GRCH DU's Hallelujah Levi - Daniel Upchurch------------------------------------$25------------------------Derek Broshuis------pd
LPGRCH Tygart Valley Zig Zag Zoom - Barton Hollow Beagles (Art)-----------$75-------------------------Josh Ware----------pd
LPRCH Eagleton's Murl Da Chopper - Howard Eagleton-------------------------$25-------------------------Jeremy Mapes------pd
Eagleton's Murl Slick Black Cadilac - Howard Eagleton------------------------$50--------------------------Joe Hornback-------pd
FC Baba Diamond - Pete Young - 2 stud fees (stud fee #1)-------------------$20--------------------------Jason @ deadeyebeagle---pd
FC Baba Diamond - Pete Young - (stud fee #2)---------------------------------$10--------------------------Jeremy Mapes------pd
LPGRCH Cinnamon Run Reject - Mike (Crabby) Crabtree----------------------$30--------------------------Tim Croley---------pd
J&D Full Throttle - J&D Kennel
LPGRCH Turbo's Bar None - Ryan & Amy & Reese Brewer---------------------$50---------------------------Paul Petty----------pd
NRFC LPGRCH LPBCH Chimney Rock's Bad Moon Rising - Eddie Taylor------$125-------------------------Shawn Singer-------pd
Smith's Ricky Bobby - Smith's BEO Beagles
GRRCH Hillside Farms Sly - Preacher Collins
HBCH Glomskis Motor Oil - Troy Hynes-----------------------------------------$25---------------------------Neil Kimbrel--------pd
FC LP RCH Kimbrels Kickem Up Kane - Neil Kimbrel---------------------------$60---------------------------Ray Freeman-------pd
UKC CCH CH ARHA GBCH AKC 09TCBIS Crewse-N-LugNut - TC--------------$25---------------------------Dough Hummell-----pd
UKC PPCH CH ARHA BCH Oakhillblue Ridge Runner - TC----------------------$75--------------------------Gary - Buckeye Blues----pd
LP RCH Run Of The Mill Rollo - Bret Gentry
Indian Hills Ham -Donald Alexander/Scott Alexander
09 Res WC HOY Zachs Blue Ace of Crowtown - Marc Murry
Schag's Apollo Creed - Jason Schag
HBCH FC Snotop's Blazin Butch - Shawn Snow
NLPC IFC Beavercreeks Blue Max - Ernie (Stud Fee #1)----------------------$35---------------------------Duane Bowling
NLPC IFC Beaverscreeks Blue Max - Ernie (Stud fee #2)----------------------$25-----shawn singer-------pdGreg Hunter backed out and we offered it to the 2nd highest bidder thanks shawn
FC Weirs Ready Rock Ripper - Ernie (Stud Fee #1)----------------------------$20---------------------------Slade----------------pd
FC Weirs Ready Rock Ripper - Ernie (Stud Fee #2)
May's Marvelous Marvin - Curtis May, Jr - (1) Stud Fee - Pick male of choice-----$215--------------------------Jim Stinnett---pd
LPRCH & AKC FWR Reffetts Ky Mtn White Hussler - Dexter Reffett---------$130--------------------------Bryan Freeman----pd
Vest's Rebar - Bobby Vest----------------------------------------------------------$25---------------------------Lee Broadley------pd
Carrico's Hot Rod - Bobby Vest----------------------------------------------------$25---------------------------Curtis May, Jr
LPRCH Alum Creek Killer - Freeman Beagles----------------------------------$25------------------------------Jimmy Abshire----pd
LP GBCH Autumn's Stone Cold Ice Man - Chad Jones
LP BCH Vest's Rook - Chad Jones
LP RCH Martins Rattler - David Martin-----------------------------------------$25--------------------------Billy Copass----------pd
LP RCH Murphy's Dreaming Demon - Brian Murphy-----------------------------$25----------------------------CGS - Shawn------pd
GRHBCH CH XDawg Preachin Deacon - XDawg beagles-------------------------$25---------------------------Shawn Singer------pd
FC Branko's Chief Bearheart - Poteet Kennels-----------------------------------$60----------------------------Duane Bowling
GRHBCH RABBIT RIDGE BIG TUNA - Eddy Williams-----------------------------$60----------------------------Pipeyard Beagles------pd
FC Side Hill Keuka Blue - Rex Depew--------------------------------------------$175----------------------------DED---------------pd
GRCH GRHBCH White River Beau of Touchstone - Touchstone Kennel-----$10---------------------------Moore beagles------pd
GRHBCH GRCH Touchstone's Sure Shot Shiloh - Touchstone Kennel--------$25---------------------------Jeremy Mapes------pd
FC Howards Bandit - Danny Vansickle (stud fee #1)---------------------------$50----------------------------Chad Bowling------pd
FC Howards Bandit - Danny Vansickle (stud fee #2)---------------------------$35----------------------------Mathew Whittle------pd
FC Side Hill Rocket - Rex Depew
HCBC Hoffmans Pete - Bob Hellebusch
FC LPRCH HBCH PCH CH Pound The Ground Willie Moe - Circle H Kennel--$40----------------------------Sanfordssj-----------pd
FWR Lprch Chimney Rock's Ky Lucky - Eddie Taylor---------------------------$30----------------------------Robby Jefferies-----pd
LPGRCH Hare Trigger's Blue Ninja - Tim Thompson (Hare Trigger Kennel)-$40---------------------------Ronnie Conn--------pd
LPFC Schaggs Linebacker Blitz - Paul Blackburn-------------------------------$30----------------------------Billy Copass--------pd
LPGRCH LPGRBCH Blackburn's Rabbit Charming Preacher - Paul Blackburn---$25-------------------------Sonny Preece--------pd
LPRCH LPBCH Chimney Rock Ripper- Paul Blackburn
LPGRCH LPBCH Chimney Rock's Runaway Train - Chris Ball (Hare Trigger Kennel)

There have been a couple of very generous beaglers who have donated somethings other than stud fees:
WFO has donated a pup out of one of their next litters out of Switch-------$100------------------Adam Hughes
Robby Jefferies has donated a started pup out of GRCH Faulks KY Blue Boy------$60--------------Lee Broadley-------pd
TC & JC have donated artwork (drawing/sketch) of your bealge-------------------$80--------------Chad Blair----------pd
Chad & Amy (Blair) have donated a hand made tack afgan/quilt-------------------$75--------------Chad Blair----------pd
Jason Schag Videos of Briar Patch Bandits 2 #1------------------------------------------$10---------------Ryan Brewer
Jason Schag Videos of Briar Patch Bandits 2 #2------------------------------------------$11---------------Sanfordssj-------pd
Houndog - Donated pup out of LPRCH Lee's TNT Scarface X Jump Mtn. Banana Hanna (Reggie/Honey/Junie Female)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$85--------------------Sanfordssj-----------pd
TC & JC - Donated - to start a pup (at least 3 months old & up to date on all shots) in their running pen. They will supply feed, work on handling & benching. You must pick up and deliver.---------------------$75-------------Jim Stinnett--pd
H&S Kennels (Bob Hellebusch) donated a male pup out of HBCH Stylish Dakota X HBCH Doghollow Fancy Ann-------$55----Stylish Kennels-----pd
Mike (Crabby) Crabtree - Donated puppy starting #1----------------------------------------------$30------------Lynn Perkins----pd
Mike (Crabby) Crabtree - Donated puppy starting #2----------------------------------------------$25------------Stavemill Beagles------pd
Jim Lane (Laneline Beagles) - Donated a pup-------------------------------------------------------$65-------Buckeye Blues---------------pd
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mike crabtree
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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by mike crabtree » Tue May 03, 2011 11:11 pm

Great cause. She is a wonderful lady who is always friendly .
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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by hookset » Tue May 03, 2011 11:40 pm

Type "Neelyville, Missouri" into Google and you can see pictures of the devastation the people of this community are still experiencing.

Nurse Laura
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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by Nurse Laura » Wed May 04, 2011 7:34 am

WOW!!!! The number of pm's donating their great stud dogs keep coming in and I personally am over whelmed by the number of people stepping up and helping out with this auction. Please remind everyone to log on and place a bid and feel free to cut and paste a link to this auction on other sites you may visit. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible. Again, THANK YOU so much for everyones help in get a great line up out there to support this auction.

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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by hounddog » Wed May 04, 2011 7:56 am

I'm going to start it off with a bid on Colemans Roll on Buddy. $25.00 Yellar power, baby! My prayers go out to all the fine folks in Neelyville! My thoughts are with you all.

Jim Umbarger
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EMeade III
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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by EMeade III » Wed May 04, 2011 8:10 am

$25 Hillside Farms Rowdy Boy....My prayers go out to everyone affected by the floods.

Earl Meade

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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by bunnybuster24 » Wed May 04, 2011 9:13 am

Might as well do a little bidding myself for a great cause.

IFC Greenwells Reggie $150
GRRCH Lees TNT Max $25
GRRCH East Ridge Black Phantom $25

Come on guys I know money is tight but, we all would want people to help us out if times were tough on our end.
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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by hookset » Wed May 04, 2011 10:44 am

$50 on Osbornes Spade

J Steelman
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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by J Steelman » Wed May 04, 2011 10:55 am

$ 25 - FC Blazing Trails Blue Baron

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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by TOUCHSTONE » Wed May 04, 2011 11:43 am

The blessings that come about in difficult times are a true testament to the human spirit!

Touchstone Hunting Beagles, NE Ohio, offers at stud: AKC, UKC, NKC Registered

GRCH GRHBCH WHITE RIVER BEAU OF TOUCHSTONE Beau is in the UKC Hall Of Fame and has a consistent record of sireing exceptional hunting beagles with sound physical structure. He is almost 11 years old.

If Beau is not able to handle the breeding when you decide to breed, or if you prefer you will have the option of breeding to GRHBCH GRCH Touchstone's Sure Shot Shiloh. Also an excellent and consistent performer in the field. Sired by Beau with exceptional Branko bloodline on the mother's side.

---------------------------------------------------------GRCH FS BRIARHILL’S BUSTER
-----------------------------------------GRCH HBCH FIRE RIVER MICHAEL
----------------------------------------------------------HBCH GRCH FS FIRE RIVER LACY
----------------------------------------------------------GRHBCH FS ARNOLD’S LITTLE CHUBBY
------------------------------------------CH HBCH WHITE RIVER LULU
-----------------------------------------------------------FS COPEN’S ANN
-----------------------------------------------------------BRANKO’S PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
-------------------------------------------BRANKO’S ONE TUFF OMBRE
------------------------------------------------------------BRANKO’S POETRY IN MOTION
---------------------BRANKO’S CALENDAR GIRL
------------------------------------------------------------BRANKO’S LUMBERJACK
--------------------------------------------BRANKO’S SCARLET OHARA
------------------------------------------------------------BRANKO’S ROYAL BLUE

For more info about these dogs or to see them jump and run rabbits give me a call. Dan Mazalic 330-323-9649
Good luck with the auction. Bid from the heart! Our prayers go out to all who are enduring difficult times!
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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by jfields » Wed May 04, 2011 12:04 pm

Ill start off with $25 on FTCh Awful Bawlin Let Er Rip
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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by ohlinger » Wed May 04, 2011 5:30 pm

25$ GRHBCH Hurry Up Bozo
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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by hurryup » Wed May 04, 2011 6:41 pm

$25.00 bid HBCH No Luck Red Falcon at Crowtown...
$25.00 LPGRCH Zig Zag Zoom...
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Jim Stinnett
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Re: Benefit Stud Auction

Post by Jim Stinnett » Wed May 04, 2011 6:52 pm

FC Brankos Smart Sammy - $25

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