anyone tested the range for the trashbreaker ?

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anyone tested the range for the trashbreaker ?

Post by AprilD » Sun Aug 18, 2013 4:34 pm

Has anyone tested the range on their TT trashbreaker collars?

I ask this because I recently realized I have a range issue with 3 out of 6 of my Tritronics G3 exp collars. Came to my attention when a dog took a fox and I couldnt hear him yip when I shocked him. Figured out why now. :(

So I took all 6 collars about 350 yds away and had my husband start pushing buttons. 3 worked perfectly at that distance. 3 did not. Some started working at the 100 yd mark and one not till 50 yds. They all have good batteries in them with a full charge. They all worked at close range which is why I never realized I had problem. I even relinked the collars but that didnt help either. So I went and bought one new one today. Charged it and took it out to the same spot. Well it was not stellar that is for sure. I had to move about 30 feet one direction to a less brushy spot to get it to work. Not very happy with the test. I am going to increase the distance when I have more time.

I am going to send them to TT for repair. I was just curious if anyone did a similar test and what they got in distance with varying terrain. Where I tested is brushy and some trees but not too hilly so I was disappointed to say the least with the test since the trashbreaker says it has a 2 mile range. I know you cut it in half ,but even at that ...pretty poor. I cant even say what the age is on the collars. I started buying them in 2008 and eventually accumulated 6. The last one maybe in 2011 I think. So maybe they are just getting old. I dont know how long they live for , but even the brand new one didnt have good range.
April D
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Re: anyone tested the range for the trashbreaker ?

Post by stonybrook beagles » Mon May 05, 2014 3:35 pm

Hi april I was reading here bout your trashbreaker problems. I do not have the trashbreaker but I have the field 70 exp g3 series and I don't have any problem out to about 600 yds unless the cover is dense.what I found really helps and its very simple is in thick cover or longe range is to hold the transmitter as high over your head as you can. Doing this drastically extends your range, it has for me anyway. Good Luck :D

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