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Looking for someone to start dog WI/MN/IL

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 2:40 pm
by MPankratz

I'm trying to find someone in WI, MN or IL (in order of preference) who can take my 18 month old male beagle and get him more experience, some training, and hopefully he'll be a much better rabbit dog when I pick him up 4-6 weeks later. He's a good dog, with excellent blood, very gentle and has a sweet disposition, very skinny and very fast. He's started and last summer he chased a lot of rabbits, but I got stuck working 12 hour days 6 days a week from October through December, and when I was only doing that 5 days a week Jan through the last week of April, it was such a blood cold winter we couldn't stay out very long. Now that I've got more time I've been taking him out more and he's been doing some things that infuriate me.

I've seen adverts for such services elsewhere, but I couldn't find any that were close enough for me to deliver him and return in a day. Please let me know what you charge, what your pen is like, what sort and frequency of training you provide.


Unfortunately this all hinges on whether or not I get him back. He went chasing rabbits yesterday with my other dog, and decided not to come back. He got lost and it's been just over 20 hours since he left. Other dog, the one who usually won't return for anything in the world, came back no problem when I called her at midnight, but he was out of range, apparently crossed the creek and went who knows where. Fortunately, according to the Humane Society, some lady called in saying that she had found a beagle from somewhere in our township, and said she'd drop it off there tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it's actually him and that she does drop him off. He's a sweet dog and I had been worried that someone who found him might just decide to keep him.