Hurry up bloodline

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Panther Creek
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Hurry up bloodline

Post by Panther Creek » Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:00 pm

Can I get some info on Hurry Up dogs? Speed line control What format they are most suited for?
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Hollarback Kennels
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Re: Hurry up bloodline

Post by Hollarback Kennels » Wed Nov 23, 2016 2:13 pm

Hurry Up Kennels is owned and operated by Vicky Bassitt and a few of her close friends/partners (Dave Hummel, Jarrod Waybright, Kelly Hanners, Brad Hanners)

This is all off the top of my head......I know Im missing a few!!!

Hurry Up Kennels has produced 3 World Champions in UKC
WCH Hurry Up Lady
WCH Hurry Up Percy
WCH Brush Axes Hurry Up Grand Slam

National Champions
NCH Circle H Hurry Up Blue Regis

Other well known Hurry Up dogs:
Spanky, Jelly Bean, Glory, Runner, Charm, Slugger, Outlaw, Init 2 Winit, Salty, Lefty

Her bloodlines are based on Spicer's Blue Back and Branko's Lumberjack. One of my favorites that I have seen out of Hurry Up Kennels was Hurry Up Bozo. Hurry Up Lady and Percy have been the foundation females that have produced. What got me hooked on Hurry Up was when Vicky crossed Lady with Reggie. Later on Percy was also crossed with Reggie, and that has been the crosses I like. Everyone has there own flavor of dogs, but I will say these dogs are rabbit dogs! They run to catch, and they usually run pretty clean doing it. What makes Hurry Up so tough? Its Vicky who pounds her dogs every day.....she puts the time on her dogs. Team Hurry up is a great group of beaglers who will bend over backwards to help you. Hope that helps you? They can compete in any format...Little Pack, Hound and Hunter, Performance Pack, PKC, and AKC.

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Re: Hurry up bloodline

Post by hurryup » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:01 am

Thank you Steve. A few additions
National Ch GrHbCh Hurryup Lucille 8th World hunt
National Ch GrHbCh PCh Outback Double D Dex 6th World hunt Hi point Overall n All Star Series winner, owned by Brian n Cara Meade
Pp Natinal winner GrHbCh Hurryup Bozo
2x Akc National Runofff Winner GRHBCH CHHurryup Bound for Glory

All Star National Series Winner GrHbCh GrCh Pch LPBCH and WORLD show winner, Garmin Tri Tronics winner 5th World Hunt, 5th PPWorld hunt Hurryup Glory Hallelujaha all be 2 years old
NHBA runoff winner GrHbCh Hurryup Jellybean and GrHbCh Hurryup Romeo

GRHBCH GrCh LPRCH Hurryup Bone Collector 2x Garmin Tri tronics Triple Ch winner
2nd Ukc World Hunt
5th ARHA world hunt
2nd ARHA HOY runoff

Multiple state n other hunt winners.Spanky is only male to ever produce 2 National chs and 2 NHBA runoff winners as well as All Star Winner
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