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Post by Hippy » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:00 pm

I have always described a "Big Nose" dog as one who could run a rabbit "Down a Dirt Road" without any issues--unfortunately I have only ever owned 2 that could do that day in and day out.

Living in Mary Land as I do the issue is more so with Frost than anything else, My present dogs can run on the Snow BUT really struggle on Frost-- ran them Friday & Saturday and until the Frost burnt off I should have stayed home.

Most of the dogs ( SPO Style) I now own are Coco Bear( Coco Star & Rockefeller) and two have a touch of Buck Shot (AKA J-Bird) --I have a Black Creek/Cotton Country gyp that is a step too slow for the others although she does have the BIGGEST nose.

My opinion -which does not count for much- is that the reason they struggle with Frost so much is because a lot of the track they try to run is beneath the Frost -the dirt road issue is because they can only run Foot scent as there is No body scent left behind

I guess what my main question can I find a BIG nose AKA Dirt road /Frost proof breed that is NOT MOUTHY ? I have had only 3 of them in 55 + years

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Re: Nose

Post by gfedor » Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:08 pm

That's a tough one Jim. I've been around the hounds 30 plus yrs, and yes usally big nose come a mouthy dog, some more than others. I prefer a nice honest mouth, opens up when rabbit is up or straighten out, however my go to dog late in season, when Temps are single digits, once was minus 13 with wind chill on a frozen over pond, my female will run the rabbit like it's a 50 degree day. But she does extra bark at times, give her time it will also lead to the jump, which is also a benifit of a cold nose dog. I only gun hunt, so an extra yap or 2 doesn't bother that much.
I did a couple of YouTube clips of her, more to come.
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Re: Nose

Post by HatterasBob » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:32 am

I feel your pain. I also live in Maryland. That last statement you made is the kicker "I guess what my main question can I find a BIG nose AKA Dirt road /Frost proof breed that is NOT MOUTHY ? I have had only 3 of them in 55 + years". I've only had 1 in 50 years, she was a grade hound and my only serious jump dog. She only went into briers to jump the rabbit. She would wind the rabbit like a bird dog. When she openned, cock your gun. I ran her in packs of hunting dogs up to 25 at a time and she would jump more than 50% of the rabbits and she could run them also. She and her 2 sisters were my first beagles and I got them at 8 weeks old. One got hit by a car at a year old the other was a great track dog and a good jump dog, life was good.

Current day, I've had two gyps out of Primetime, both with huge nose. There were days you wouldn't sell them for a million dollars and days they were lucky to get into the box. I remember 3 different trials were they trailed a rabbit for up to 45 minutes. All the other dogs check'em out a left. Twice they were "Picked up" and both cases they jumped the rabbit before the "UP" left the judges lips. They looked at me and said "I sorry". The other time, I thought it was going to end the same, the judge yelled "I got a line, I got a dog on the line". She walked it up and over the hill and came back for winners pack. In my search for what we experienced, I think a solution was to add Argentival Striker, he was known for brains (think that is what's missing). I paid my stud fee and got zip, his first miss. He was 50 lbs with toenails 2" long, very sad. So close that chapter.

I do have a couple of Canadian snow dog breed females that do a nice job but they are a compromise. They can walk a track when other can't smell it and they are pretty good with their mouths. They had been picked up in trials for being mouthy. In one case she was running baby rabbits, but the judge didn't see them, but I did. The final straw was she jumped a rabbit and barked twice on the jump. The rabbit ran out of the block past the gallery and no body could smell it, I think it was a female rabbit, it was May. The judges picked up the pack and put the next pack on the line, not one bark out of the next 3 hounds.

I did breed my Primetime champion to my IFC Montana. Montana was very hot nosed, so I tried to breed a little nose out of the Primetime. It was a very good cross. One puppy was mouthy and was sold, one I still have and is my best young hound and another is an excellent hound not owned by me. So, you might be able to breed some brains in or nose out, but it will be a compromise.

Good luck

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Re: Nose

Post by RollingTrack » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:09 pm

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