Time? Id like to hear

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Time? Id like to hear

Post by JovanJ » Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:44 am

I was just curious as to how long everyones been Beagling?When did you obtain your best dog?and a wild story lol


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Re: Time? Id like to hear

Post by Shady Grove Beagles » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:15 am

I just turned 67 and bought my first beagle when I was 13 for $20.00 with my paper route money.Started rabbit hunting with my dad and his friends and their beagles at that time[1963]
Moved on to the big hounds for a 21 year interlude and ran them on coon.Also spent a fair amount of time running hounds on bear and bobcat with the Ware brothers of Vermont.
Came full circle getting back in to beagling in 1993 getting a male pup from Roy Kennedy's Briarpatch kennels and a female from Vic Costanza's Maravic's Blue Ninja.
As far as the best one? Been blessed to have had some nice hounds that have given me a ton of enjoyment over the years.
A wild story. Once upon a time......................
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Re: Time? Id like to hear

Post by Newt » Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:49 am

I'm 75. I got my first beagle shortly after I was discharged from the Navy in 1969. As a youth, I couldn't afford to buy dogs or buy feed. The second beagle that I owned, Tramp, paid 25.00 for him. 15" fast as lightening, tremendous hound. He would bust the briars, hunt all day with you, and run all night if we just went out at night to sit at the campfire and listen to the music. We didn't have shock collars back then but Tramp never ran a deer. I have a lot of fond memories of Tramp. In 72 I graduated college,got my first job, and soon met two rabbit hunters. We hunted every Sat. during the season, then me and one hunter ran almost every Sat night for the rest of the year. I still keep his pedigree.
In about 1990 I bred a Hare bred bitch (FC Sunkenland Sparky X Tiny's ST Belle) to a Gay Deal male. I selected a bitch pup, "Candy", that taught me the difference between a paper champion and a rabbit dog. I could run her with faster hounds and she would often bring up the rear, but when they checked she always knew where the line ended.

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Re: Time? Id like to hear

Post by Rabbit/Hareman123 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:58 am

I started hunting with my dad, and the old timers back in 1969,i shot a bolt action three shot 410,ten years later i bought a beagle from a city councilman for 35.00 .......wild story....this fellow was wearing a browning hat and thats what started the conversation...i asked him did he rabbit hunt he said yes, i was new to the small city ,i asked did he have a rabbit dog that he would sell me, again he said yes i do have one and the only reason that he would sell it to me because, he won't hunt for me all day anymore, plus my son Pete who was his young son about 12 years old had spoiled him, well my nick name is Pete so my antennas went up...even though i was young myself about 20 or 21,i asked would you guarantee the dog, again he said yes, he went on to say if he don't jump, run and bring the rabbit back to you ,i will give you my browning a5 automatic shot gun, this was on a saturday,i said sold, i gave him all the money that i had in my pocket and went to pick up the dog on a tuesday or wednesday,i want to tell you to this day that has been the fastest dog I've ever owned, the best jump dog, the best brush beater all day dog, he was stolen twice and both times ,his honeing instincts brought him back home, for years this has always been a topic when the family talks about hunting..........i do want to say i started not to buy the dog because he said that his son spoiled him....the reason i think that he had trouble with the dog is because he was hunting a pack of beagles with a long legged blue tick he did say that he was keeping the other beagles that he had was because they could keep up....go figure, :D

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Re: Time? Id like to hear

Post by warddog » Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:38 pm

I'm coming on 65 years of age and have been rabbit hunting since I was big enough to walk. The first several years I wasn't allowed to even carry a gun and remember my first one was an ole single shot .410. Hunted with my dad, grenddad's as well as uncles from both sides of our family. We were always too poor to be able to keep a dog but the my granddad as well as his brother always had an ole rabbit dog. I do remember the first one my dad bought when I was a kid was an ole nearly all white male what was blind in one eye. My dad and his brio=other had to split the $35.00 price tag on Whitey that was actually blind in one eye. That was the best dog I have ever hunted with and what me and any other of my relatives that hunted with him that are still alive use as the measuring stick. They bought the dog from an ole dog jockey and he was supposed to be registered but back then we couldn't tell you what that even meant BUT I wish I had another one just like him blind and all. Oh and I have been through the coon hound game for years as well and when that turned into WORK, I went back to solely beagles.

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