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Great Rare Books Have Been Reprinted...

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:33 am
by Laneline
I know many of you are into the "history" and "tradition" of the “Hunting Beagle”. I Just wanted to inform… Brent Watson has “reprinted” the “set” of books by; A.D. Holcombe.. written in the late 1940’s – 1950’s including:

The Yellow Creek Story {L.M. Watson}
The Grayline Story {Elmer Gray}
The Fish Creek Story {Clarence W. Jones}
The Sutton Story {Dale Sutton}
The Beagle in America and England {H.W. Prentice}.

The Beagle in America and England is about the beginning of Beagling in America and the imported dogs from England... the imported hounds such as Blue Cap Beagles that was used to create Patch, Yellow Creek and others… Also covering the beginning of Beagle Field Trialing.

The other 4 books are all on kennels that were all started from Yellow Creek blood... Some of these kennels were used to create the UBGF hounds... while other kennels were used to create Hare Hounds in the US and Canada... also the many kennels and hounds in between...

Great books, the tradition, history and learning about the very beginning of the “Hunting Beagle”, is what these books are all about. Along with their thoughts of Breeding, Training, Culling and Field Trialing.

He just printed 20 sets to begin with, and now is taking orders for more. I know several have been searching for these books for years.

He is just asking $100.00 for the “whole set” of 5 books. $8.00 for shipping. He is not looking to make a profit, but just get back the printing cost. Glen Watson is the Great Grandson of L.M. Watson, the creator of Yellow Creek Kennels, and is doing this in honor of Mr. L.M. Watson.

You Can Contact; “Brent Watson”, on Facebook. Or Call: 660-202-0113

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