Need a class for oversize dogs?

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Re: Need a class for oversize dogs?

Post by Shady Grove Beagles » Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:11 pm

For over 20 years I hunted coon hounds for fur and in competition.Mostly just Nite Hunts but did frequently enter a dog on the bench.
When showing a coon hound you stack the dog so he is right up on his toes,belly tucked up,slight roach back,head held high and tail curved over his back.
I know that A.K.C. says that a dog should be measured in a natural stance and NOT stacked in a show stance. But what constitutes a "natural" stance.
Some dogs will stand up proud with little attention and we've all seen others that absolutely can't get them to stand at all. I've actually seen judges in frustration bodily hold up a dog,measure it and say "he's good".
Everyone has heard of the tricks to make a dog crouch when he goes under the stand.
I've been to LPH trials and Mid-West trials and seen some very big hounds being run. Hounds that were much bigger than my female that I measured at 15 3/8".
I think we all know what a 16" hound looks like but what about the 14 7/8" - 15 1/4" hound?
The measurement on those hounds quite often are determined by two judges who are responsible for measuring 30-40 dogs and who may have varying methods for how they put a dog under the stand,how tight they drop the bar,how patient they are to get an "accurate" measurement. A lot of variables here to say the least.
I'm sure that there are those looking for an advantage with an oversize hound but I'm also convinced that there are dogs that get disqualified because the methods are basically unreliable from trial to trial.
I measured my dog at 15 3/8" but I'm no A.K.C. judge and not even a regular trialer [3 in the past 10 years] so was I stacking her? Didn't I push the bar down firm enough? Was I too high up on her neck and not on the top of the shoulder?
Two A.K.C. licensed judges who measure on a regular basis said she was a 14 1/2" inch dog. That's a 7/8" difference ! So what does my dog measure?? Do you accuse me of cheating and running an oversize dog??
You might accuse these guys of cheating or not knowing how to correctly measure or not taking the time to care or trying to save the club's money but I think the burden rests with A.K.C. to come up with a better and more accurate measuring system. Either that or do ALL measuring at trial themselves.
I'm all for enforcement of the rules in regards to measuring. I'd just like to see some consistency.
As always JMHO.
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Re: Need a class for oversize dogs?

Post by mybeagles » Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:41 pm

When you take an assignment as a judge you have an obligation to take your time and measure as accurately as possible.

I discuss measuring with my judging partner before we start to ensure we are on same sheet music. I ask my partner outright if he has a problem calling out oversized hounds, if so I read the bar and don’t lock it until I’m comfortable with stance and how the bar dropped.

Most of this problem is not about 1/4-1/2”. It’s now out of hand and some of the dogs are now over 17”. A judge I respect measured two at 18”. These same coonhounds run every weekend without measuring out.

Run oversize dogs if that what makes you happy but shut your dam mouth if you drive 8 hours to a trial and measure out. If your a judge and you carelessly let oversized dogs through shame on you. If it was new guys running some oversized dogs it would be more understandable...but it’s not. It’s guys that have been field trialing for over 30 years, have several past field champions...don’t kid yourself...they are looking to gain an advantage because all they care about is making the next champion. It’s repulsive.
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