ISO stud dog Eastern PA

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ISO stud dog Eastern PA

Post by FlyinSoLow » Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:14 pm

Looking to breed my dog.
Never did this before :D

Stud needs to be good mouthed as mine can be a little tight
Needs to be 13" or pretty close. The smaller the better but a good dog that suites her pedigree is most important.
Needs to be superb tempered. Our dog lives in the house but is kenneled outside during the day. We have a 5 yo Son that is very much into dog sports and most of the puppies, if not all, will also live in the house with families.

Regardless of stud I have most of these pups already tentatively spoken for with friends and family if it all works out!

Hopfully this link to pics and pedigree work. Quick pedigree is:

Sire Brankos Gypsy King (FTCH Brankos after shock x Brankos hurricane Hattie)
Dam Yankees Cool Breeze (FC Jr's Topgun Tyke x Buck Hills Trudy)

My major concern is she is also maiden and will be 6 next month but is in amazing shape, fit, and highly athletic.

I would even buy the right dog for good money if I need too and someone has something for sale.
Marissa Everett

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Re: ISO stud dog Eastern PA

Post by BMBeagles » Sun Jun 03, 2018 5:12 pm

How far you willing to travel ?

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Re: ISO stud dog Eastern PA

Post by Bowguy » Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:14 am

You say nothing bout the bloodlines you’re looking for. If the pups are totally outcrossed you’re most likely gonna have one mixed up litter.
Being you’re from Eastern Pa I’d be looking at cottontail dogs. Branko though is hare bred and loose mainly. It’s what you have so to start there.
Best dogs I can think of that have some Branko I believe in the background is Gary Slick. He’s from eastern Pa. I’ve judged his dogs for years and never seen one that wasn’t a rabbit dog. They always hunt and though too quick for my personal tastes have decent control and I’ve placed a bunch.
He often finishes the winners packs w multiple dogs. Recently he got first through nbq all by himself. Never heard of anyone else doing that.
Oh and to answer your concern. They are not mouthy.
There’s other guys but I believe without seeing your dog or knowing a lot about it I’d try Gary.
Slickers Beagles is the kennel name. If you can’t find him let me know. He’s got a website that shows pedigrees.
He trials a lot so you can go to an area trial. I bet he’d show up and you can watch what he runs. See if it suits you

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Re: ISO stud dog Eastern PA

Post by Bowguy » Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:05 am

Gary’s site is giving me probs today so I can’t research all pedigrees. I’m sure a dog or two of his had some Branko blood in back. Maybe that was wrong but call n ask him

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Re: ISO stud dog Eastern PA

Post by Bowguy » Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:41 am

Ok I was correct. Check out his “rookies” section pedigrees. There’s Branko in there. All the dogs he runs/keeps are real nice. Heck I put a win on one he got rid of out of the Butterbean dog

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Re: ISO stud dog Eastern PA

Post by gfedor » Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:09 pm

Bow guy suggestion is really good. Gary slick has some good dogs, been seeing his name for years as FC win after win,after win etc.
Jack Eddy of PA has some really nice stuff, I have or had 3 generations of his line in my kennel. Honest and clean is the way people describe my dogs.

Also Dan Lang of ny, aka langs little beagles.

Check them all out, good guys

I don't think they have Branko in the lines,

Now if you like the "branko" line type of dog, it might be worth a look at a Northway x branko line bred stud. I ran that line back in the 1990s, several breeding and what I got was a true meathound, they where relentless on Mr rabbit, briars,cattail swamps, you name it they ran through it no problem, they ran as if their dinner depends on it,
The only thing I couldn't tweak was line control. They often would swing or reach big time in a check, goes back to the hare breeding in them, but man, they had hunt and grit.
Good luck on your quest. Keep us posted

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Re: ISO stud dog Eastern PA

Post by HatterasBob » Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:32 pm

I kennel is full of Heli-Prop, Ali-Baba and Jack. I use to have a lot Ranger Dan, but has gotten away from me. I would say that of these 4 hounds Ranger Dan is what you should be looking for. He was a great check hound and won many trials from the middle of the pack. Al Slocum (NY) had a very nice Ranger Dan champion. He beat my Ranger Dan male and my Awful Bawlin Champion male in a fun run after the trial. I think Al's son has a son of this male for stud. I do have a 1 year old un-started male with Heli-Prop up close, out of my best female. She is a check hound supreme, lots of nose and hunt, good mouth. She has been the backbone of my pack for 10 years. The sire is a serious gun dog, lots of hunt, he jumps a lot of rabbits and run them very well. He is probably a little slower than my pack.

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