Opinions on running dogs

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Opinions on running dogs

Post by Bowguy » Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:50 am

This is a response to some of what I read in the most dominating performance thread.
Some of it was judge bashing.
Now let me say, standing in a gallery and listening or seeing bits doesn’t cover it all.
The judges might be right where we aren’t, they could see or not see something. As long as they’re being fair and honest than you gotta respect their decision.
If something doesn’t seem right there are various committees, master of hounds, etc that we can bring things up to.
If someone was flat out cheating, and I’m not saying that doesn’t exist, don’t patronize a club that gets these judges. Be fair and honest though in what we say cause lots of guys/clubs are trying their best. As a judge you never see it all. Remember as a spectator we don’t either

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Re: Opinions on running dogs

Post by Shady Grove Beagles » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:41 pm

When I was judging A.R.H.A. Little Pack trials I only scored what I saw, NEVER on what I heard even if I KNEW what dog it was.
With my own dogs that I run three or four times a week and have had for anywhere from 1 year to 6 years I can tell you what that dog is doing even if I was a blind man. In a pack of dogs that I barely know or don't know at all it is totally unfair to try and guess what that dog is doing even when I'm right up and pretty close to them. Never been able to figure out how guys in the gallery can make those calls!
When I served as a Master of Hounds at a hunt it was an unenviable position.If a complaint came in from the field and it concerned an interpretation of the rules or say a misinterpretation of the rules then it's pretty much black and white. You've got the rule book and you go by it.
But when it came down to opinions and the handler saying this is how it went and the judge says this is how he saw it and scored it then I'd have to go with the judge.You pays your money and you takes your chances.
If you feel that a judge is being dishonest then don't use him or attend hunts where he's being used.Your choice.Most times these guys will show their ass and the honest folk just won't want them around.
I'd say most of the judges are pretty straight up and do the best they can.
Beware of the honest guy that tries his best and really wants to do a good job------ but just really doesn't know good hound work.He may have the best intentions but if he doesn't know the rule book or hasn't put in enough time in the woods behind some good hounds he's not helping the cause.
As always JMHO
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Re: Opinions on running dogs

Post by Bowguy » Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:38 pm

I was a master of hounds for two progressive pack clubs, I’ve judged for them and I judge AKC.
I always say you can learn more about dogwork and dogs judging than you ever could just watching your own.
Now the ARHA makes you apprentice first before you judge solo. That’s good. You can learn from someone experienced.
The AKC has the 10 trials between judges rule.
Hopefully things get passed down. In my area it’s not so much crooked judges. It’s not following a the book that drives me nuts but again the judge drove his truck, spent time looking at our dogs.
Thank the man if he’s honest.
If he’s not or if he’s inexperienced don’t run under him.

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