Loading up and heading out!

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Loading up and heading out!

Post by Aaron Bartlett » Fri Dec 13, 2002 2:48 pm

Getting ready to head out for Danville Indiana for a hunt this weekend. I hope those guys treat us nice and dont pick our dogs up to early in the hunt!! :lol:

Keep everyone in line while im away and dont let them beat up on me to bad!

Try to protect Redtick from all those bashers out there that are after him. I sure do hope he will be OK while im away!

J. Murphy,
If you would lay down the law and have your hired help take care of your business for a couple of days you could come up and spend the weekend with a bunch of liars!!! Im sure youve made enough money this week anyway!

Hope to see a bunch of ya in Danville!! Yeah even you Bev. :lol:
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