Most dominating performance you have witnessed??

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Ron Conroe
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Re: Most dominating performance you have witnessed??

Post by Ron Conroe » Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:41 pm

I seen wfo's switch a gear kill a pack of big males in Ohio and he did it all day.

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Re: Most dominating performance you have witnessed??

Post by WELLS WOODS » Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:59 pm

Reggie's thrown some nice big males; FC Switch, FC Lucky, FC Ohio Reggie, FC Topfuel Chester; all from different dams.
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Re: Most dominating performance you have witnessed??

Post by sbeagler » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:41 am

Mark T wrote:
Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:25 pm
Darryl wrote:Cookie's performance that day was not the norm you see at a trial Hence the topic most dominating , she was making 90 degree turns at full speed without missing a beat, it was in a pen 100 acre big swamp, it was a pounding race for about 6 hours , with few break downs. I hunt aswell , and when judging Dan Kane told me about 10 years ago , to treat your pencil like your shotgun and it will be easy to find the winning hound.
Amen Daryl. I too started judging with Dan. To the naysayers of the performance, you have to see it to understand it. I have judged many times at York, Oshawa, Grand River, Kuyahoora and Mohawk, in my opinion some of the best grounds ever. The rabbit (hare) coast along, 50-75yrds ahead of the pack. These swamps are their territory and the hare is an amazing animal. Cool, damp swamps are the perfect place for them, very rarely do they get caught. Maybe if there are faulty hounds, cutting or running a path. I have witnessed some unreal runs. One in particular was at Oshawa. It is a fenced grounds, not sure how big, maybe 75acres. I judged the first time up there with my friend Ed Donegan. IFC Threejays Jacks Cleo put on a show, another time I judged with Harry Snow. That bitch was named FTC (finished that day) Threejays Jacks Magie. Harry bought her right after that. Both runs were just as Daryl described. Flat pounding for maybe 4hrs. I remember the day Magie won there was 22 entries and we never picked a dog up. The rabbit made several turns, but I don't recall a breakdown, say nothing of a loss. When we called the trial it was a perfect line of 22 bitches nose to tail, they placed themselves. This is apples and oranges to what the majority on this board have seen and compete in and even run on the weekends. Totally different grounds totally different game. What is the same is some of the pedigrees. The desire to pursue to catch is the same no matter what the game or conditions. When I go to Maine hunting most of the time that is how they run. It is not uncommon to have runs last 3,4 even 5 hrs. To those of you that say those type of dogs can't be hunted with I say BS! Could you pick one right up and dump them on a tiny cottontail bouncing side to side and expect them to handle it...hell no. You have to get them adjusted to the different conditions. Some adjust well others not so well. Nascar doesn't run the same setup in Talladega as it does at Watkins Glen, they adjust it. Same car, adjusted. I could name a dozen or more hounds that have won in a similar fashion. Harry and I judged FTC Awful Bawlin Let er Rip to the win that finished him. I think it was at York, he was incredible. The next week I judged him he was one of the worst hounds I had ever seen. Figure that out! I put a win on a bitch off Mtn Man, Swampghost Tiger Lily I think was her name. She was incredible. Armandos Levi, Brankos Sweet Magnolia, Threejays Jacks Trouble, Smokey, Pepper, Lady Justice etc. I could go on and on. Incredible runs in the best conditions in North America for running hare. Don't say it can't happen if you have never been there.
Just good reading miserable heat and herniated disc have me chilling wishing I could witness this too. What fun LPH can be when the conditions allow for BEAST MODE running the times I have seen it .Steve Church NC

Bobby Angel
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Re: Most dominating performance you have witnessed??

Post by Bobby Angel » Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:52 pm

We all shouldn’t forget about Durham’s Lilly.

Hell of a female that dominated several trials in a row...

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