Mercer Co, WV dog owner rights in danger!!

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Mercer Co, WV dog owner rights in danger!!

Post by mrwvsportsman » Tue Dec 06, 2011 6:24 am

This may have already been discussed and I missed it, but I just got this email yesterday and thought I would share. Please help!!

Sportsmen's Calls Needed to Help Stop Unwarranted Ordinance
Commissioners in Mercer County, West Virginia, are considering a proposal that would require all dogs over six months of age be sterilized unless the dog's owner obtains a '50 unaltered dog permit for every dog that is not spayed/neutered. An unaltered dog permit will only be issued if the County Clerk determines the permit is for "a proper purpose," that the dog is examined by a veterinarian regularly, the dog is vaccinated annually, the dog is housed "properly," and that the owner does not have more than one violation of the animal code within the last 24 months. The ordinance does not state what a "proper purpose" for owning an intact dog is or what "proper" housing might be. "The terms 'proper purpose' and 'proper housing' aren't defined and could mean sporting dog owners could face different requirements if they want to keep intact dogs depending on who the County Clerk is," said Jeremy Rine, U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance associate director of state services. "Sporting dog owners deserve to know what standards they are being held to and they certainly can't follow standards that are undefined and could change from day-to-day." Additionally, dog owners who wish to breed a dog must also purchase a yearly '30 breeder permit for each dog the owner will breed. The ordinance will generally prohibit breeders from breeding a licensed dog more than once per year, prohibit them from selling or transferring a dog until it is seven weeks of age or older, and will require breeders to register with the county the name, address, and telephone number of any person who a dog is transferred to - even if the dog is simply given away. "This ordinance will only serve to hurt responsible dog breeders within the county and could force sporting dog owners to sterilize their prize hunting dogs," said Rine. "Sporting and other dog owners that live in or train or hunt their dogs in Mercer County should contact the Commissioners and ask them to vote this overreaching ordinance down." Take Action! Sportsmen are encouraged to attend a Tuesday, December 13th hearing on the ordinance and express their opposition. The hearing will start at 10:00 a.m. and will be held at the Mercer County Commission, 1501 W. Main Street in Princeton. Sportsmen should also contact County Commissioners Joe Coburn, Jay Mills, and Mike Vinciguerra and ask them to oppose the ordinance. They can be contacted at: Mercer County Commission
1501 W. Main St, Suite 210
Princeton, WV 24740 Phone: (304) 487-8308
Fax: (304) 487-8370
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