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Post by NeilKimbrel7 » Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:48 pm

Dob 7/7/18
I have 1 male and 1 female pup available. $250 each
Located Princeton, IN 573-820-6345
——————————-Wells Big Bomber
———————Tombac’s Bumper to Bumper
——————————-Tombac’s Knothead
-sire(Kimbrel’s Rock)
——————————-fcgd Kimbrel’s kickem up kane
———————-Kimbrel’s Flyby Foxy Lady
———————————fcgd Glomski’s Indiana Nipper

———————————IFC Awful Bawlin Viagra
———————Fclp Salem’s Willy Nelson
———————————Wazny’s Cold Cash biscuit
-dam (Peeple’s Naughty Girl)
———————————New Country Dealer
———————-Black Barns Dolly
———————————Hardcore Misty Blue

Both parents are good dogs. Hard hunt, fast track dogs, chop mouth(no extra). I believe both can compete in akc spo and large pack trials.
HOF LPGRCH GRPCH FCGD Kimbrel's Kickem Up Kane
Kimbrel's Flyby Foxy lady
Kimbrel’s Rock
Peeple’s Naughty Girl


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