AJ'S Charlie Harper X Pine Lakes Hot Toddy

Post your upcoming new litters here. A 3-4 generation pedigree, due date, asking price whenever possible, contact info and a little about the sire and dam's running styles would be perfect. If you have questions on the litters, post them, but let's try to keep off-topic comments away. This will be a great way to see what's coming up without having to wade through general topics.

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AJ'S Charlie Harper X Pine Lakes Hot Toddy

Post by Al114 » Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:02 pm

Charlie is a very good hound, He has excellent conformation. 15",his speed can go from a 7 to a 9 depending on conditions. he has the brains to adjust.He is very intelligent. has Excellent line control. He is accurate with his mouth and claims with a squall/chop.runs with a machine gun chop. He has a very good nose. He has been known to drive and lead a pack for hours, I think this cross has the potential to be as good as any. Charlie has been in one trial, 32 big males and made Winters Pack. Shortly after that he sustained serous energy. all better now.
The Pups will be due Mid February. For further information, please call Al 734-512-6263
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Toddy is a very smooth running Bitch, I believe she will produce very well with Charlie. Toddy has placed in MidWest Trials.
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