Thanks Obama

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Thanks Obama

Post by Newt » Fri Feb 02, 2018 10:42 am

More good news from details of jobs reportPosted on 2/2/18 at 9:10 am
“The unemployment rate for people without a high school diploma has dropped from 7.3% to 5.4% since January 2017.

1,000,000 more Latinos are employed today than a year ago (Unemployment rate down from 5.9% to 5.0%)”

In light of the lefts attempt to make everyone feel good by stopping the practice of giving awards to the top individuals and giving a "participation trophy" to participants, I would like to recognize Barrack Obama for making it possible for Trump to achieve such greatness.

Without the abysmal failure of the democrats for the last eight years, none of the greatness of Trump would have been so evident.

Hundreds of companies are giving working class individuals bonuses.

Remember, Barrack Obama said, "Those Jobs Aren't coming back". "Candidate Trump says economic growth will exceed 3%. does he have a magic wand".
Atlanta Fed GDP model forecasts 5.4% growth in the first quarter .. ... -in-q1-201.

U.S. hiring picked up in January and wages rose at the fastest annual pace since the recession ended, as the economy’s steady move toward full employment extended into 2018.

Nonfarm payrolls rose 200,000 -- compared with the median estimate of economists for a 180,000 increase -- after an upwardly revised 160,000 advance, Labor Department figures showed Friday. The jobless rate held at 4.1 percent, matching the lowest since 2000, while average hourly earnings rose a more-than-expected 2.9 percent from a year earlier, the most since June 2009.

You would have to be a real sick individual not to recognize the losing mentality of the democrat party. All Trump did was, like Reagan, give back to Americans the freedom to rebuild their lives as the Constitution dictates. Instead the democrats were trying to make all Americans as miserable at they appear. When was the last time you saw a democrat, Pelosi, Reid, Shumer, Waters, smile.
The last time I can remember was when they introduced the unaffordable health care act. Before that it was Michele laughing and saying "for the first time in my life I am proud to be an American". Then they proceeded to try and destroy America.

Why can't we trade democrats for DACA. DACA people want to come to America while democrats loathe America..

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