Destroying the Democrat Party

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Destroying the Democrat Party

Post by Newt » Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:12 pm

USA Today: Donald Trump is wooing black voters and killing the Democratic party

As the Democratic Party remains in the coma it entered in November 2016, President Trump is performing his greatest magic trick. And he’s doing it right under their noses. Anyone who thinks Trump’s decision to pardon boxer Jack Johnson and commute Alice Johnson's unfair sentence wasn’t part of a greater plan is delusional. Donald Trump is wooing black voters. He doesn’t really have to do much. He does it by inviting the presidents of some of nation’s historically black colleges to gather in the Oval for a photo op, and watch them do it, because their schools are struggling or dying. He does it by freeing the Johnsons — freeing the history of Jack and commuting the sentence of Alice. Anyone who thinks that Trump didn’t gain some black votes by those actions last week doesn’t understand the power of connecting with the disconnected. In Detroit, and other urban areas – where we can’t get more than 14% to 20% of registered voters to turn out for a municipal election — and where many people still love Kanye West (though he thinks slavery was a choice) or R. Kelly (who is avoiding jail by inexplicable means) — Trump may be resonating.

But, fearing little, he’s now working on his re-election campaign. Oh, you missed that? Most people did. When Trump announced, it was barely a blip on the national radar. He announced it while being federally investigated and waving off charges that his family is benefiting from his being in office. He had raised $10 million by April. And the NAACP didn’t march. And the Urban League didn’t put out a statement. And in Detroit, no one said a word. While the Democratic Party is sleeping, focused on winning November’s midterms rather than uniting behind a single 2020 candidate to challenge Trump, the president is wooing black voters with the help of Kim Kardashian, who’s married to the Mad Rapper and has 60 million Twitter followers, many of whom are black.
Donald Trump is succeeding at something few people thought possible. He is getting some black people to compare him to Barack Obama. Obama didn’t get Alice Johnson out of jail. Obama didn’t pardon Jack, even though Ken Burns asked him to and produced an entire documentary explaining why.

Donald Trump isn’t killing the Republican Party.

He is killing the Democratic Party.

He is singlehandedly making people forget the strength and resilience and heart of the party that once tried to define itself as the place for the little guy, for the left-outs, for the have-nots. ... 688221002/

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