Does the amphibian guy even run dogs?

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Does the amphibian guy even run dogs?

Post by Bowguy » Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:55 am

Idk guys I’m pretty new to here. The little I’ve been on I’ve seen someone posting garbage. It’s ok we all have different opinions and even if its wrong they’re entitled to em but isn’t this a rabbit hound forum?
Doesn’t rabbit hunting involve guns, dogs in captivity, poor defenseless animals being chased or killed? Amazing to me some fruit loop would play both sides.
It, I don’t wanna offend this person’s very fragile ego by saying he or she, maybe he doesn’t identify w either who am I to judge? The Bible says don’t judge or you will be judged.
Oh but wait lib tards think the Bible is only a story book and Walt Disney was a biologist.
Kill a baby but save the whales!!
By me there’s many animal rights activists. Many are vegetarians or vegans that don’t eat meat. Often same sex couples. Do you think lack of eating meat softens your brain? Inquiring minds wanna know

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