The Beast?

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The Beast?

Post by Newt » Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:01 pm

Is it upon us.

Here is a thread off a political board.
How Big Tech can control TD or any other site they grade "Bad for Society

In posting about FB and their grading users, including businesses, I was told that Big Tech did not have the power to stop a website.

I want to address that outside of the thread and felt there is enough already out there to merit it's own thread.

I could talk about GAB who was literally kicked from the WWW and had to move out of the USA in order to just have a presence. Godaddy screwed their registrar. Paypal and Stripe closed them down... their host site booted them.... and nobody would take them. But.... let's go deeper...

Financial blacklisting doesn’t just rob you of a chance to spread your message: it robs you of your ability to do business, your livelihood, your very means of functioning in a capitalist society. Thanks to the encroachment of progressive ideology into the financial industry — including major credit card companies like Visa, Discover, and Mastercard — it has now become a reality.

An example here is what they did last August. Visa and Mastercard ceased service to David Horowitz.

Carl Benjamin was slapped by Patreon and here is the conversation FROM Patreon that will help some of you get it....

JACQUELINE: The problem is is Patreon takes payments. And while we are obviously supportive of the first amendment, there are other things that we have to consider. Our mission is to fund the creative class. In order to accomplish that mission we have to build a community of creators that are comfortable sharing a platform, and if we allow certain types of speech that some people would call free speech, then only creators that use Patreon that don’t mind their branding associated with that kind of speech would be those who use Patreon and we fail at our mission. But secondly as a membership platform, payment processing is one of the core value propositions that we have. Payment processing depends on our ability to use the global payment network, and they have rules for what they will process.

You need to read that carefully. They have to be able to PROCESS payments. When is the last time you had an online PRESENCE without the use of a Master Card, Visa, Discovery, AMEX, or a paypal?

MATT: Are you telling me that this was Patreon’s decision then, or someone pressured you into this?

JACQUELINE: No – this was entirely Patreon’s decision.

MATT: Well then I don’t understand passing the buck off to somebody else.

JACQUELINE: No, I’m not passing the buck off. The thing is we have guidelines, but I’m trying to explain, #1 it is our mission to fund the creative class and obviously some people may not want to be associated.

MATT: Well if it’s your mission, then payment processors are irrelevant. It’s your mission. That’s what you’re pursuing.

JACQUELINE: We’re not visa and mastercard ourselves – we can’t just make the rules. That’s what I’m saying – there is an extra layer there.

That extra layer.... Processing payments.

You have heard of GAB... but did you hear about FreeStartr, Hatreon, MakerSupport, and SubscribeStar? No? Well that would be because they were killed. Dumped by the credit card companies. All are unable to do business.

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Color of Change now claim to have stopped the ability of 160 "White Supremacist" sites to take in money of any kind.

SO who decides who is a white supremacist? What sites are?

If you are so blind as to not see it or too stubborn that you refuse to look, then you have lost. It's just a matter of time.

If you are too "this would never happen", Then I encourage you to talk to the baker where it's STILL happening.

Links for your own research:

Many linked articles and research in this ONE article

LINK ... cklisting/

re: How Big Tech can control TD or anyother site they grade "Bad for Society

The entire philosophy and purpose of the Left is mindless destruction. Like a Terminator, it will never stop destroying things until it is dead, and that includes groups thought to be a part of itself

Perhaps cybercurency will become coin of the freethinking realm.
i would think loving sovereignty like yall do on the far right that yall would be against one world currency, which is exactly what cybercurrency aims to be

re: How Big Tech can control TD or anyother site they grade "Bad for Society"

How would you feel if THIS site was being attacked? Maybe already targeted and listed?

Its not a matter of if it will happen to TD/Chick its a matter of when it will happen to Chic at this point.

Already happening

So apparently one of my favorite political sites is feeling the heat from external forces to curb free speech.

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