dog in heat

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dog in heat

Post by Guest » Tue Mar 25, 2003 9:55 pm

A little girl comes downstairs and asks her mother, "Mommy can i take Fifi for a walk?" Her mother says,"Not today honey fifi is in heat so she shouldnt be away from the house for a couple days." Confused, the girl asks, "What does in heat meen?" puzzeled, not knowing what to say her mother says, " Your father is out in the garage working, why dont you go ask him what it meens" So the little girl runs out to the garage and asks her father;"Daddy, i asked mommy if i could take fifi for a walk but she said i couldnt cause she is in heat, and she said i should ask you what that meens" Her dad, just as puzzeled, doesnt think it is time yet to be telling her the facts of life. So he looks around and sees a can of gas sitting there, so he grabs a rag and soaks it with gas and rubs it on the dogs rear end and says,"Ok honey, you can go for a short walk but dont be gone too long" The little girl is so happy that she can take fifi for a walk that she totally forgets about her question and takes off skipping down the road with fifi following. The father goes back to doing his thing, relieved that he avoided her question. A little while later he sees his daugter skipping down the driveway with no dog. Worried he runs out and asks, " Honey, where is fifi!" The little girl smiles and says, "Dont worry daddy, shell be along soon, Fifi ran out of gas a little way back and another dog is pushing her home"!! :lol:

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Post by New York Hillbilly » Wed Mar 26, 2003 1:52 am

Whew thats a knee slapper! :lol:
Reminds me of a joke I heard when I was a kid. How much air does an Airedale (sp?) hold? I don't know either but I saw a beagle the other day trying to pump one up! :lol:
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