Drinks on me

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Dale Pea
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Drinks on me

Post by Dale Pea » Thu May 01, 2014 6:11 pm

As heard on John Boy and Billy big show. This guy walks into a bar and tells the bar tender, have a drink for yourself and set up the house on me. Bartender does as told and presents the bill for $47.25 man say oh I don't have any money. Bartender get mad and takes the guy out back and beats the snot out of the guy,

Next day same guy, same bar and he say bartender have a drink and set the house up on me. Bartender thinks to himself well this guy has got to have money today after what I did to him yesterday. So he get his drink and sets up the bar. He then gives the bill for $62.75 to the man. He says oh I don't have any money. So the bartender really mad takes the guy out back and beats the guy senseless.

Next day same guy same bar. He say hey bartender drinks for everyone but you on me. Bartender ask the guy why he wont buy him a drink but will buy for everyone else? Man says why you get mean when your drinking.

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