Boone County Ninja

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Boone County Ninja

Post by Pine Mt Beagles » Thu Jun 04, 2015 7:59 pm

Boone Co. Ninja Busts up Meth Ring .

West Virginia's notorious Boone County Ninja busted up a meth ring and helped send four men to jail. Yesterday in Madison, WV, The Boone County Ninja was seen jumping into Delbert Doodle's trailer and calling out the four men. According to Lee Bob Bill, "That feller called them boys out and next thing I saw was a flury of karate chops, ninja chops, and judy chops. Them boys were begging fer mercy. Screaming 'just let us go and we give you some meth.' But the ninja beat 'em to a pulp.

The Boone County Ninja rose to national noteriety for his appearances on The Jerry Springer Show and on youtube. He was alledgedly wearing his trademark white t-shirt and red cape. The Boone County Sherriffs department came and arrested Delbert Doodle, 46; Albert Fig, 49; Cletus McGee; and Raymond Jasco, 39; all from Madison.

The Boone County Ninja said, "I'm tired of this trash ruining our town. I just came in and gave a judy chop here, a judy chop there, and a karate chop here and a karate chop there, and everywhere a ninja chop. Didn't even get my cape dirty."

The Boone County Ninja said he has been thinking about getting into the super hero business but is not sure where to put his application in at. He is also worried that being a super hero may cause him to be cut off of welfare. He said that he has been considering super hero names but he just learned to spell Boone County Ninja so he has decided to use that for a while.

The Boone County Ninja said "God taught me how to do judy chops for a reason. I don't think it's right to not share them with the world. Wherever there is something that ain't right goin' on, look for there to be some judy chops, karste chops, and ninja chops a-flyin'!"

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Re: Boone County Ninja

Post by bluemouse » Fri Jun 05, 2015 9:02 am

Darn pinemooch your jokes on politics is funnier than this family drama!

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