Oshawa Results April 2013

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Oshawa Results April 2013

Post by upstatenybeagler » Sat May 25, 2013 7:24 pm


13" female
Judges: Andrew Hudson, Darryl Martin
17 entries
1. Noisy River Spinnaker, Chris and Pauline Pawson
2. Swampsingin Figaro, Chris and Pauline Pawson
3. Cryon just a little spicy, The Steeves
4. Swampsingin Nellies Telstar, Jason and Nellie Powers
5. Ftch Salmon River Jessie, Jason and Nellie Powers

13" male
Judges: Bill Kennedy, Chris Pawson
11 entries
1. Cryon Kimbo, The Steeves
2. FC Windy Hollow Tennessee Jed, Dale Piche
3. Cryon Hot Shot, The Steeves
4. Armandos Country Boy, Sergio Sallese
5. Windy Hollow Hammeren Hank jr, Dale Piche

15" female
Judges: Andrew Hudson, Bill Kennedy
16 entries
1. Split Rocks Super Tramp, Mike Burrows
2. Awful Bawlin Clang, Mike Burrows
3. Snows Wife Beater, Harry Snow Jr
4. Cryon Whistler, The Steeves
5. Three Jays Jacks Candy, Jack Blum

15" male
Judges: Carl Willis, Harry Snow Jr
23 entries
1. Cedar Beck Gelato, Bob King
2. Plover River Jack, John Dahn
3. Big Creek Navigator, John Dewyse
4. Brankos Bronson (new FTCH), Darryl Martin
5. Hudsons Tough Bob, Andrew Hudson
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