Field/Show Cross Male to Sell

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Field/Show Cross Male to Sell

Post by Beagle Huntsman » Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:52 pm

In 1935, Reno Cole, famous breeder of the Kiswaukee Beagles was nearing the end of his hound breeding time. He started with beagles in 1898. Here is what he said in his Dec. 1935 Hounds and Hunting advertisement:
"The Kishwaukee Beagles
Since 1898
It is no trick to breed field trial winners if no attention is paid to conformation, nor to breed show winners without reference to hunting ability, but to breed beagles that are beagles in every way, that is a different story. For many years our hounds have been bred with that object in view.
Reno B. Cole
R.F.D. No. 5
Waupaca, Wis."

I am selling a big male who has become too fast for my pack. He searches well, handles well, and has a big voice that he uses carefully. He is fast, but can handle the turns relatively well. He will get even better if given time solo, as all his work has been in a large pack of 14-18 hounds. He is 3.5 years old and coming into his prime. His pedigree is FCs New York Knick and Northway Ninja on the sire's side, and Daragoj, Echo Run (show) along with FCs New City Cruiser and Northway Ninja on the dam's side. The Woodpont female lines are on both sides of his pedigree (dual purpose breeding). So if you would like a hound bred like those described by Reno Cole above, this is a good opportunity. I will be picky about where he goes.

For more info, including photo and pedigree, send an email to

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