2 yr old Male 100% Northway. Dog is sold please delete

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2 yr old Male 100% Northway. Dog is sold please delete

Post by RabbitSlayer40 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:08 am

This male will be 2 in November I raised him from a pup. He is built for speed can get up an roll he is 15 inch hound all legs. He can roll on that's main reason he is for sell, he is running the front on my pack an the better he gets the farther he is going to be in front of them. He is making a nice track dog just not my style he is competitive an wants the front he will get checks on my older dogs but he wants the front regardless. I just gun hunt an don't care anything about trialing him, I think he would be more suited for that. I hunted him every trip last year in multiple states had well over 100 rabbits killed to him so taking the gun is no issue. He is collar broke an I've never had him run any deer on me an he has had plenty of chances, with that said I've always ran him with older broke dogs. He ran a coyote or fox on me few days ago for about 5 mins an came right back that's only trash issues I've had. He has average hunt out of the box but when he gets some scent he picks up the hunt big time. Has potential to make a nice hound just not my style an doesn't match up with what I have. Text any questions you have to 270-566-3340
Price $400
DO NOT PM I don't check them an they won't be answered call or text the number listed above.

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