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Bluetick male in WV...14 inch..DOB 7-10-17.

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:46 pm
by BCBeagles
Call or text Dan for Interest in Boone....304-612-9805.

I have ran with this young hound on several occasions. Upper medium to fast foot. Athletic built blueticked hound....around 14 or a little more.

Heavy short chop mouth. real nice hunt and handle...real sensible dog for his age acts older than he is. No junk issues, but he is not run with Junky hounds.

The simple fact is that he is too competitive for Dan's liking, wants the front and pushes hard. This dog does a nice job and for his foot stays in the track well. Snaps back at loss, but wants to go hard...will only get stronger with run time. Has been gunned and run hard the last month and a half.
lots of rabbits shot to him and he hates a rabbit.

Oliver bred with Reggie as well....Dan can provide that specific information to you. $750....this will make a really solid dog as he ages. He is very nice now and with the proper run time will be tough and could be competitive in trials as we will push to be near the front or on it.

In Plum Run WV...thanks and good running to all!

Re: Bluetick male in WV...14 inch..DOB 7-10-17.

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:59 pm
by BCBeagles
This dog is bred well and is off to a great start.....hard spring running will take him to the next level.

Too competitive for what Dan runs.....nice young hound.