Free Pet Beagle

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Free Pet Beagle

Post by Briarhoppers » Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:29 am

Free Pet Beagle:
I have a good looking tri-color 15" young 3 yr old male that has been retired from hunting / running as he has a genetic disorder that has caused him to loose most of his eye sight. He is a friendly dog, good with kids and would make a good backyard pet if anyone is looking for a companion dog - or a dog for kids to play with. When in familar surroundings, it is hard to even tell he can't see well. So in a backyard he would pretty much function like any dog. But, when I take him to the woods he is very handi-capped.

I know most all yall have more dogs than you need already (i'm the same way), but thought I'd throw this out there just to see if by chance someone would like to take this dog. I can send pics. of him - very good looking beagle. Located in middle, TN.


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