Selling firearms interstate & intrastate

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Selling firearms interstate & intrastate

Post by Pike Ridge Beagles » Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:46 am

Just a heads up for those who may not know the gun laws concerning firearms sales.
- firearms interstate transfers (residents of two different states) must go through a licensed FFL and this is law for all states
- some states allow intrastate transfers (two residents of the same state) without an FFL transfer being required (Ohio is one), others require an FFL to do the transfer
- handguns must be shipped overnight air to an FFL holder by a private carrier (UPS, FedX) and can not be shipped through the USPO (unless you are an FFL holder)
- long guns can be shipped through UPS and FedX ground
- Contact FFL before shipping a firearm out of state to ensure they will accept shipment from a non-FFL holder; if so, send a photo copy of your driver's license with the firearm

Below is a link that SHOULD be referenced if you are buying or selling firearms. The pentalties for not following the legal requirements are stiff and will categorize you as a felon and forefit all legal eligibility to possess firearms. Heavy fines and jail time are other considerations. This board will not give legal advice as to how one performs their gun transactions and the individuals must reference the link below or the BATF if they have any questions. The above bullets are just a general information and only touch on a small part of the entire scenarios that occur when selling/buying firearms between citizens of different states, etc. This thread is posted only out of concern for this forum membership and attempt to prevent any good people from finding themselves in legal problems through innocent ignorance. Times are changing and so are the laws.

This forum takes no responsibility if you find yourself in hot water over not following the law. Do your homework and stay within the confines of the law.