AKC judges question

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AKC judges question

Post by Aaron Bartlett » Sat Jan 20, 2007 7:25 pm

Here a while back AKC came out and said that if you were an AKC judge they would not allow you to judge in another registry(or something to that effect). I was wondering if that was still the case or if they finally woke up and figured out how stupid that is!
Up until that time I was considering trying to get to a judges seminar to get my AKC liscense but I judge in other registries and will not give up that right just to get an AKC liscense.
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Post by TC » Sat Jan 20, 2007 8:41 pm

t The last BOD meeting they changed it to read That if you are EMPLOYED in another registry you cannot Judge
here is a link to the Story it was on the AKC site under news


The Judging Conflict of Interest Policy was amended, with the prohibition on AKC judges, judging non-AKC events removed. The full policy now reads:
Judging Conflict of Interest
“No AKC judge may have a significant interest in a dog registry or dog event-governing organization deemed by the AKC Board to be in competition with TheAmerican Kennel Club. Significant interest would include, but not be limited to ownership of, employment by, a directorship in, and holding office in.”

So get to that Seminar Aaron We could you your experience and Common Sence!!!!
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