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Post by davtracy » Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:25 pm

I have stud pup coming from this cross. The male belongs to me and is a really nice derby off of FC RNR Buckshot Jones. He is a blackheaded bluetick, medium, speed, lots of hunt and chopped mouth. The gyp belongs to my hunting buddy. Tri colored, 13 inch, big squall mouth, medium to upper medium speed, good tracker. I have enough pups right now and would take $100 for her when she gets here. That is what I stud Short Mag out for. I have the pick of the litter so if I know in advance I can get either sex. 270-354-5366 if interested.

___________FC Flat Creek Blake
________FC Flat Lands Cody
___________Carl's Polly Anna
______RNR Joe Blue
___________Trace's Little Billy (Mate to HOF, FC Stillwater Tiny Bull)
________RNR Josie Blue
___________Copperhead Sugar Babe
___FC RNR Buckshot Jones
___________HOF, FC Still Water Tiny Bull
________FC Choptalk Bold Creek Smokey
___________FC Bold Creek Cassie
______Bell's Dora
___________FC Williams Hoss III
________Flat Lands Freda
___________Copperhead Hill Hazel
Haretrigger Short Mag
___________HOF, FC In-Line-Black Jack
________HOF, FC Post Oak Little Nip Otis
___________Post Oak Nikkie
______UBGF National Champion, Fc Choptalk Little Cooter
___________HOF, FC Short's Line Boss
________Choptalk Relentless Reba
___________FC Choptalk RavishingReba
___UBGF National Sh. Champion, FC Choptalk Whata Flirt
___________FC Canoe Creek Jeb Stuart
________FC N & B Roughen Up Nick
___________Beaty Hill Becky
______FC Choptalk Blue Sparkle
___________FC Blue Ridge Hawkeye
________FC Choptalk Hassies Sassy
___________FC Choptalk Hosenphefer Helper
Pups Pedigree
________FC Crank's Chicken
______FC Winehost's Dark Line Sailor
________FC Ted's On Line Shania (By HOF, FC Short's Pro)
____FC Wilham's Country Cat
________Brown's LA Perfect Color (By FC Brown's LA Black Ace)
______Roy's Rabbit Sweeper
________FC Brown's LA Did (By FC Short's Do)
Indian Oaks Country Josie
________FC Dixieland Bronco Bill
______FC McMullan's Little Bill
________Showtime Daisy (By FC Wolf Creek Bronco Billy)
____Thorn Gap Giter-Dun Nine
________HOF, FC Shorts Pro (By FC Shorts Homebrew)
______Thorn Gap Dark Josie
________Thorn Gap Dark Mindy
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Posts: 48
Joined: Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:46 am

Re: Buckshot Jones Pups

Post by davtracy » Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:56 pm

Please delete this thread

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