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Planted Enough

Posted: Sat May 23, 2015 7:25 am
by rabbitatfarm
I've spent the last few days picking the corn that the deer, turkeys, and rabbits didn't get in my food plots. I planted two patches at around 1/3 acre each. I got my sprockets reversed so the plants ended up a little close so I had a lot of small ears. I figure, even after all winter, I'll end up with about 30-35 bushels of cob corn left. I thought sure the critters would clean it all up. I want to get some rabbits. so I'll be able to supplement their pellets. It's way more than I wanted to disc in. I husked the corn in the field so I'll have organic matter to plow under. I'll run the brush hog through first and then plow. I'll be planting cow peas in these two patches. Putting grain sorghum in another patch and millet in another. My tractor has been dismantled for some head work so I'm behind. But it's been too cold for good germination anyway. Today is the moment of truth. It's all back together. Can't wait to fire it up!


Re: Planted Enough

Posted: Sat May 23, 2015 7:38 am
by Aubrey Holcombe
Sound like Myself, I spent lots of time, money and effort for my Rabbits,, therefore I call my little Spot here in N.E. Ga. Rabbit Town, USA ! Crazy old doe's seem to like my clovers and good food inside my Stating pens,, they jump in side them and have a few fawn each year, so I have started planting lots of stuff on the outside so Maby the will stay, on the outside this year ?

What part of the USA do you live ? Well,, I gotta run for it kind of cool for this time of years,, here the last few days,, was 49 yesterday had to cut the heating light on my new litter of 8 pups, they was actually cold, the East wind was blowing and felt like fall of the year..

Keep Looking Up!

Re: Planted Enough

Posted: Sat May 23, 2015 7:45 am
by Aubrey Holcombe
Say, what kind of tractor do you use? I bought myself an old Kubota 4x4 diesel years ago,, that old thing run like it was just out of the factory,, those old Kubota's just keep on clicking,, I suppose they all have to have attention sooner or later..

Keep us posted on your food plots,, I just last month sowed some Switchgrass, and it has not rain a bit in over 6 weeks here,, I have been trying to keep it watered, and it up looking good for No Rain, I also sowed some Indian grass and Big steam, mix ? Not sure what all this kind of grass looks like,, but I have a good stand of something ??