New York (Progressive) State of Mind

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New York (Progressive) State of Mind

Post by Newt » Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:07 pm

New York state of mind, no father-daughter dances allowed

Because of the poor, poor trannies. Liberalism politicizing everything. Beyond ridiculous as always. In a normal world, arguing that a father-daughter dance exists would not even be debatable. Political correctness is killing from within.

A Staten Island elementary school scrapped its traditional father-daughter dance this coming Friday because of the Department of Education’s new gender guidelines. The DOE ordered schools to “eliminate” any “gender-based” practices like the dance in a March 2017 policy update unless they serve a “clear” educational purpose. ... e-parents/

Remember when the perverts swore all they wanted was acceptance?

We lover our Trannies don't we folks.

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