15" FTCH Awful Bawlin Retread (Can Natl Ch)

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15" FTCH Awful Bawlin Retread (Can Natl Ch)

Post by Steve Mikkelson » Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:14 pm

Owners - Ross Dasno (Retread is at Dasno's)
303 Dane Rd., Governeur, NY 13642

John Monkman
RR2, Oxford Station, Ont. K0G 1T0

Info -


------------------------FTCH Milt's Queon
----------------FTCH MJR Mitsou Argenteuil Striker
------------------------FTCH Stanabe Mitsou De Tan
--------FTCH Moneysunk Mountain Man
------------------------IFC Taylor's Sock It Too Me
----------------FTCH Moneysunk Socket
------------------------Mitches Dana Of Cal's
FTCH Awful Bawlin Retread Canadian National Champ
------------------------IFC Haunted Hill Harper
----------------IFC Haunted Hill Shaker
------------------------Dewsbury's Midnight Screamer
-------- FTCH Haunted Hill Squealer
------------------------ FTCH Kingwood's Shorty
---------------- FTCH Haunted Hill Slider
------------------------Haunted Hill Donna

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Re: 15" FTCH Awful Bawlin Retread (Can Natl Ch)

Post by mjd » Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:01 pm

monte detro