Question about a dog babbling.

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Question about a dog babbling.

Post by bmc96 » Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:04 am

I took a chance on a couple of young dogs and bought them because I liked the bloodline. The guy that had them had them started in a pen and then he thought he had them sold so he penned them up. Several months went by and the guy never showed up to pick them up so he put them up for sale again. They are almost 2 years old and they hadn't been out of the kennel since being started. I took them out for the first time yesterday. They got out there, hunted and searched pretty well (actually better than I expected for first time out). The problem started when the other dogs jumped a rabbit. When they went to running it the 2 young ones dropped back and started barking in the direction the others were running in. That caused a lot of confusion. Then after that if they got separated from me and/or the other dogs they would start barking. Again this caused confusion. I've had really young pups bark some like that if they couldn't get through a fence or across a creek maybe but I've never had them bark at the other beagles while they were running a rabbit or just bark for no reason like that. My question is at 2 years old will they quit that or is the chance I took on them a loss and I should just move on? If you've had experience with this I would like to hear your opinion.



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Re: Question about a dog babbling.

Post by new kid on the block » Fri Oct 12, 2012 8:11 am

I would take them out seperate until they start doing it on their own.

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